RBC – Overview

  • Founded 2009 by Robert Brech
  • More than 25 years of experience in fashion-related retail systems
  • Support of numerous restructuring processes in industry and commerce from 2009 until today

  • Successful turnaround-management
  • Restructuring / transformation experts with a high level of commitment and creative power
  • Top-level of „best practice“ knowledge in the areas of merchandise, purchasing, sales, as well as all staff positions incl. the non-slaes departements

Successful track-record

  • Restructuring / transformation of 17 trading companies with subsequent successful market positioning and/or sale to well-known investors

  • Implementing and restructuring of Far-East sourcing projects and relocation of purchasing processes to Far-East

  • Gross-Margin optimization and improvement of terms of payment, supplier concentration, quantity bundling, fee reductions through use of own Far-East offices

  • Cost reduction programs with sustainable efficiency

Successfully completed company sales, takeovers and turnarounds by RBC

  • 2003: Inno SA, Brussels (successful integration into the Kaufhof-Warenhaus AG organization. Client: Metro AG/Düsseldorf)

  • 2004: Wehmeyer GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen (Restructuring and sale of the company. Client: Karstadt-Warenhaus AG/Essen)

  • 2005: SinnLeffers AG, Hagen (Restructuring and sale of the company. Client: Arcandor AG/Essen)

  • 2009: Woolworth Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt/Main (Restructuring and sale of the company. Client: Elektra Ltd./London)

  • 2010: Woolworth Logistic GmbH, Bönen (Sale of the company. Client: Investor/London)

  • 2011: Woolworth Österreich GmbH & Co. KG, Vienna (Sale of the company. Client: Cerberus/USA)

  • 2013: Strauss Innovation GmbH, Langenfeld (Expertise on takeover intention. Client: Investor/Frankfurt)

  • 2014: Weltbild GmbH & Co. KG, Augsburg (Restructuring of purchasing departement. Client: Investor)

  • 2015: Charles Vögele, Switzerland (Expertise in company pre-sales phase. Client: Investor)

  • 2016: Kaut-Bullinger Group of companies, Munich (Restructuring with subsequent market positioning. Client: Advisory Board/Shareholder)

  • 2020: Kaut-Bullinger Einzelhandels GmbH, Munich (sale of the most important company object in Munich to Signa group under the management of René Benko)

  • 2022: Kaut-Bullinger GmbH & Co., GmbH & Co. KG, Munich (After intensive restructuring of the entire Company and its Subsidiaries the Group was successfully sold as a Share Deal in September 2022)