RBC Consulting is a team of independent managerial personalities from all parts of the economy, that dedicate their versatile experiences of life and profession the success of the company.

Under the direction of Robert Brech, who made himself a name in the sector due to his long-life experiences of leadership and management in industry and retail, we offer an always tailored and targeted entrepreneurial consultancy.

RBC Consulting has available excellent inland and foreign contacts, specially in Middle and Central Asia, a brilliant network and highly motivated experts. All this can also help your company to a measurable success. Therefore we stand with our name.

Mr. Brech convinced us in the first interview. To this day, he still inspires us with his big scope of experience, his extensive network of high-ranking personalities and last but not least with his ability to take employees along and motivate them even in difficult situations.”

Rudolf Egerer
Kaut-Bullinger Group, Advisory Board Chairman

Through a whole series of joint restructuring projects, the cooperation with RBC and Mr. Brech has always been extremely goal-oriented and sustainably successful. His advice is well-founded, his network is brilliant and he was always delivered on time and in a comprehensible manner.”

Dr. Alexander Güttler
komm.passion GmbH, CEO

In 2003 he was appointed Spokesman of the Management Board of Wehmeyer GmbH, Aachen. His hands-on and committed management style was the key to the successful sale of Wehmeyer during the KarstadtQuelle/Arcandor Group crisis. At the same time, Mr. Brech, as crisis manager and COO of Sinn Leffers, was responsible for the operational tasks of the company until a buyer was found in 2005.”

Prof. Dr. Helmut Merkel
Karstadt Warenhaus AG / Arcandor AG, fmr. Board Chairman

Mr. Brech actively supported us in his time as Chairman of the Advisory Board. We are very grateful to him for this time, his reliability and his experience.”

Andreas J. Meyer
Captiva GmbH, Managing Director

For many years there has been a constantly solid cooperation with RBC and its boss, Robert Brech. The work was pragmatic, cost-saving and success-oriented and the jointly worked out goals were achieved in all projects!”

Frank Beeck